Portraits & Icons

Portraits & Icons at FOUND:RE Contemporary is meant to celebrate the lifestyles of everyday Phoenicians as well as those bigger names that have become iconic figures in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Ranging from paintings of Debbie Harry, David Bowie and Cardi B to photos of Allen Ginsberg, Francisco Clemente and so much more, there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. Alongside these famous faces you’ll also catch a glimpse of some of Phoenix’s rising stars in art, music, business and beyond. 


The works in Portraits & Icons are meant to celebrate the very best of the human spirit and the exhibition is comprised of nearly one hundred works by some of the very best representational artists living in Arizona today. Part retrospective look back at where we’ve been, part reflection on the present, Portraits & Icons provides a snapshot of the people and the stories that have helped to shape the histories of America and Arizona alike. 


As individual Phoenicians continue to gain greater prominence on the cultural radar, and Phoenix itself continues to thrive as one of the largest cities in the American landscape, an exhibition like Portraits & Icons allows us the chance to be immersed among the dynamic personalities of our city by way of diverse forms of artistic expression. Acting as a snapshot of people from every walk of life, as well as highlighting how we live, love, and even spend our leisure time, this exhibition speaks to the momentous transformations, development and expansion that continues to make Arizona one of the most inviting places to live and vacation. 


In this sense, Portraits & Icons is an exhibition that focuses on the “art of the story”, of the narratives and people that shape our lives, and as a means of reflecting on that which we value most – each other.


Artists: Kara Brooks, Matt Dickson, David Dauncey, Tal Dvir, Peter Farago, Fausto Fernandez, Jerome Fleming, Rigo Flores, Brian Goddard, Frank Gonzales, Lisa Von Hoffner, Maggie Keane, Harold Lohner, Qing Ma, Kris Manzanares, Iris Ortega, Joanna Proffitt, Gustavo Ramos, Chris Saper, Neil Schwartz, Randy Slack, George Strasburger, Marilyn Szabo, Lucretia Torva, Chris Vena, Darrin Armijo-Wardle, Annie Waters, and Abe Zucca.

Located within: Exhibitions, Current.