Past Exhibitions

Geometric Elegance: Art in the Age of Computational Beauty

Geometric abstraction has a long history reaching all the way back to early modernism and beyond. No one can say if contemporary geometric art has its origins in Constructivism, De Stijl, Synchromism, Suprematism, or Synthetic Cubism because they were all harbingers of a growing fascination with architectonic elements in art.

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In Sequence: Jeff Davis and Grant Wiggins

In Sequence brings together the work of two artists that have been working in series using geometry and abstraction as defining motifs in their work. The different sets of work that they each have on display at FOUND:RE Contemporary demonstrate the chromatic dynamism and the rigorous aesthetic of two of the most significant artists working with painting and photographic prints today.

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Rowan Burkam: Geometry of Motion

Rowan Burkam: Geometry of Motion 33°27'37.4"N 112°04'27.8"WRowan Burkam has works in both FOUND:RE Contemporary and FOUND:RE Hotel that are focused on the psychology of perception, place and how we negotiate space.

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