Lucretia Torva, Alicia

Lucretia Torva, Alicia

Lucretia Torva, Alicia, acrylic on canvas, 36"x48", 2019, $2,900


Hueiya Alicia Cahuiya Iteca (Mid-40’s)
Alicia is not only an environmental activist, she is a women’s rights activist. She lives in Ecuador, was born in the Ñoneno community in the Yasuní reserve, the granddaughter of a feared Huaorani warrior, called Iteca. At 18 she became a leader, following the footsteps of her grandmother in a traditionally male-dominated community. On 3 October 2013, the Constituent Assembly in Quito gathered to discuss the Yasuní-ITT plan (for oil exploitation). Cahuiya was invited to participate as Vice-President of the Huaorani Nation of Ecuador, and she was expected to read the script given to her by her President, Chief Moi Enomenga. The speech acceded to oil drilling in her homeland in the headwaters of the Amazon River.

When Cahuiya stood up to talk, she defied her President and the government and made her own speech, first in her native Huaorani language, then in Spanish, denouncing the oil companies and speaking up in defence of her people. The vote to save the Yasuní from oil drilling was lost that day, but Alicia had captured the hearts of Assembly members and the nation. Her message was front-page news; from that moment Alicia became an inspiration for indigenous women and a respected national political figure, tirelessly campaigning for the rights of her people, of the uncontacted groups of the Amazon and its environment. I always feel for my portrait subjects, yet, when painting Alicia, I had numerous experiences of shivers and extreme emotion. There is no doubt that Alicia is a powerful force in this world. There are not many photographs of her available, most are not smiling. I chose this one because of the extreme look of determination. Her expression reminds me of that of Pia: “I didn’t ask for this, yet I am doing it.”