Lori Fenn

Lori Fenn has long been respected for having one of the most instantaneously recognizable aesthetics in the Valley. Dazzling color, pop iconography, and geometric abstraction all intersect with one another on her pristinely finished substrates. Fenn’s use of color tends to unfold in mandala like sequences, drawing one into a hypnotic aesthetic experience that is equal parts pleasure and fascination. 

Both seductive and reductive, Fenn’s aesthetic is able to accomplish something that is rare in the fine art world today, which is the ability to elicit a feeling of visual opulence, but within strictly designed configurations and an even stricter dedication to the dictates of craft. Toward this end, her art practice is one that has been refined to the point of perfected embodiment, with color unfolding in time like the perfect pitch of scale in music. Symphonic harmonies emerge as though they were unfolding in fractal-like patterns, where we are sometimes drawn closer into a single part, only to have the next composition element reveal an even greater sense of the whole. Scale is used for both a sense of intimacy and impact in Fenn's work, where raw wood substrates provide a rather weighty and naturalistic juxtaposition with the iconography that sits atop it. Build up expanses of unmodulated color dazzle the viewer by feeling inlaid, recessed or even as-if they are part of a subtractive process at times. 

Even a casual encounter with her paintings shows us how seamless lines can fall within the precision of well-planned contours, producing an effect that feels more like evidence of natural artifacts encased in reflective and refractive surfaces. Nothing less than a true master of her medium, Fenn has given us a new type of iconography to study, one which seems connected to the explosion of virtual and synthetic worlds, but which still manages to elicit the warmth of hand-crafted objects made manifest through an aesthetics of pleasure and beauty. For all of these reasons, and more not mentioned her, Fenn’s project is one of the boldest voices to have emerged from a growing interest in the ‘New Geometricism’.

Bio: Lori Fenn loves color! Her paintings are greatly influenced by contrasting hues and how they interact with one another. She draws inspiration from a composite of cultures and diversity in nature and then interpret them into complex and colorful geometric compositions. The thought behind the arrangement of her work begins with a simple pencil drawing on paper and goes through multiple transformations throughout its conception as well as during the actual act of painting itself. Ultimately the process of bringing a simple shape or design to life by saturating it with color is what excites Fenn the most.

Lori Fenn - That's What I Thought

Lori Fenn - Array Series 1

Lori Fenn - Array Series 3