Leenie Engel

Leenie Engel has an aesthetic that mixes day-glow colors with the strategies of Op-Art and Alber’s measured sense of reductive and relative color values. Often composed of a single square color set against a vibratory background as a visual foil, we find that the use of high-end fabrication materials like car clear-coat and cold rolled steel give Engel’s pieces a sculptural quality matched with a painterly punch. Taken together, these extreme create nothing short of stunning visual statements. 

This is not only because of the singularity of her targeted compositions, but also included the many ways that the viewer can see themselves reflected in the surfaces of Engel’s works.  This dichotomy, of the seen and of being seen, create a doubly active field of color and refrain, of presence and absence, of the central experience of viewing submerged within a field of chromatic activity that mirrors the world around it. The shear intensity of these pristine surfaces collides with the immensity of the environment, leaving one to inhabit a sonorous experience of a selected color field that exists not just in the mind’s eye, but also as an after-effect of retinal overload and the pleasures accorded to immersive aesthetics.

A self-described design junky, a masterful sculpture and also an accomplished figurative artist, Engel makes a powerful debut in the idiom of the “New Geometricism” with her “Colorbox” series. Profound, daring, and resolute in their decisions, these works are sure to have a bold and lasting impact on the next wave of rigorously fabricated, and beautifully articulated geometric art. 

Bio: Leenie Engel is a lifelong industrial designer and color expert. Educated in fine art and design, experienced in the business of consumer products creation, and a passionate art collector to boot, she has been making art for decades. Whether creating the freeform portrait of a ballerina's delicate tutu, the precision of a duochrome artwork, or millions of units of kids accessories, Leenie’s unifying skill is color. Considered a sophisticated colorist, her unofficial motto, no detail is too small to obsess over, has served her well in both the commercial and fine art worlds.

Leenie Engel - Colorbox2 -306/382

Leenie Engel - Colorbox7 - RR/7