James Angel

For James Angel, using geometric motifs is part and parcel of mixing the virtual with the real,  where varied patterns, computational effects and a bricolage aesthetic actively mingle the rectilinear with the naturalistic. There is no set of programmatic restrictions in Angel’s work about the deployment of the geometric alongside other signs and symbols, rather, it is used in tandem with pixels and polygons to create a new synthesis that exists by way of merging different pictorial worlds. 

If anything, we can say that the geometric is not used to downplay the organic in Angel’s oeuvre, because strong lines, graphic statements and even process-based strategies function as a framework that allows for the interaction of disparate visual elements. In this way, geometric motifs in Angel’s work can function as a background, a system or a structure --- or even as a motivated gesture --- giving his adoption of hard-edge painting a truly duplicitous function that few artists can bring together in such a seamless and inspired manner. 

Thus, Angel is the kind of painter for whom strict dichotomies need not apply, because his investigations into the picture plane take precedence over the kinds of idealized rules and pedantic formulas that have beset a great deal of geometric painting in the past. In this way, Angel's open program allows for his work to court a new sense of wonder, to engage with the mysterious and to embrace the surreal absent any sense of reserve or constraint. Instead, idiosyncratic synchronicities, a new playfulness, and even pure serendipity make Angel's cartographic compositions an important part of the discussion around the “New Geometricism”. 

Bio: James Angel is an internationally published studio artist based in Scottsdale Arizona, specializing in the creation of Original Fine Art, Sculpture and Limited Edition Prints for Home Decor, Interior Design, Commercial and Contemporary spaces. Recognized as a major contributor  to an emerging downtown arts scene he is one of the founders of the artist collective 3CARPILEUP and the local Chaos Theory annual event. James has studied under and worked with several well-known artists and publishers and has exhibited in many galleries and museums. Most recently his work was included in the Bushwick Open Studios Event in New York and awarded in Tilt Gallery's recent juried exhibition, Infinite Possibilities: Art of Tomorrow.

James Angel’s work explores the concept of future, that abstract ever-elusive notion just beyond our control. His paintings refer to events that may or may not occur although they are expected by some. In his work there is a perpetual state of hope and despair, where the future seems never realized. While we are all aware of our own transience and at a certain point it becomes, not about the future anymore, but the quality of life in our time remaining. Angel sees this as a time of great reflection and wonders “What will I leave behind?” This recognition of the artist's historic role as exemplifier of the future and how it potentially affects the outcome by framing what the future will look like is central to his project, where the figure of the artist is somewhat akin to that of "Star Trek" and their "Communicators". It is this desire to connect and communicate that informs Angel’s contributes to the visual language of our times while also shaping what the future will look like."

James Angel - Gravitational Constant