Francisco Flores Pizano

Francisco Flores Pizano is one of the most innovative artists working in immersive light, space and neon today. His projects are epic in scale, often transforming whole warehouses, buildings, or outside events into otherworldly experiences. At the heart of his work is a concern with how light can evoke a spiritual dimension in our everyday experience. Having explored different modes of religious inquiry throughout his life has allowed Pizano to tap into traditions that are as different as Christianity and Kriya yoga. More recently, the symbolic dimension of Pizano's work includes subtle references to the Mayan temples, mosques and other forms of ceremonial architecture from around the world.

This unique mix has allowed people to write about his art as the embodiment of a kind of secular sacredness that combines the feeling of greater self-awareness with the ambience of techno-mystical spaces. Throughout his many evolving bodies of work, Pizano's goal has been to create both virtual and actual experiences that engender a sense of mutual respect, care and understanding about our interconnectedness as inhabitants of the earth as well as the individual journey of psycho-spiritual development.

By activating our senses through an aesthetics of mystery, magnificence and mystique, Pizano's works entreat the viewer to explore the terrain of both inner and outer space --- as well as territories unknown. Thus, it is this unique ability to cultivate unexpected encounters with the uncanny as well as ethereal happenings, that makes Pizano's works some of the most entrancing and meditative art being produced anywhere in the world today. 

Bio: Pizano’s work is inspired by and directly references the construct of God using light as a medium.  His life was greatly impacted by two spiritual shifts, which included adopting Christianity as a teenager and Kriya Yoga during college.  His devotion to Kriya Yoga was instant and until today he maintains and believes in the practice of Kriya yoga.  As a result, Pizano’s believes that the inquiry and creation of one’s spiritual path is foremost important in life and making art is the way he has chosen to explore this inquiry.  The strongest influence for Pizano’s work at the moment are the architectural spaces build for ceremonial and ritualistic practices such as Mayan temples, Mosques, and contemporary spaces made by communities across the world.  Pizano’s interest in temples and intentionally curated spaces is related to how they evoke a sense of respect, self-awareness and outer-awareness. Toward this end, Pizano’s aim is to surface a sense of respect for life within the urban fabric, something that he refers to as a kind of secular sacredness.  Through diverse collaborations and utilizing emerging technology, he creates art that is contemplative, meaningful, communal and focuses in the relationships built through the process.
Born in 1988 Francisco Flores Pizano is originally from Tijuana B.C. He graduated with a Masters of Arts from Arizona State University with a concentration in interactive digital media.