Daniel Funkhouser

Daniel Funkhouser’s work engages with the most advanced means for fabricating multi-layered pieces that exist today. His work mixes traditional materials with emerging techniques of manufacture that include laser routers, CNC machining, 3-D printing, and a whole host of other methods for interlocking and interlacing compositional elements. Taken together, these radical interventions into aesthetic experience work to reconfiguring the picture plane and have defined Funkhouser’s aesthetic as one to watch within the realm of the “New Geometricism”. This is because his individual pieces and many public projects have a distinctness that makes them instantaneously recognizable anywhere in the Valley as well as in the greater world of contemporary art. 

Figuration, abstraction, pattern and design all play an equal role in Funkhouser's artistic practice, but with each new body of work they take on a distinctly heightened sense of vibratory measures, iconic power and hallucinatory intimations. By readily mixing the dispositions attributed to Pop and Op-Art with the concerns of installation art, site-specificity and even relational aesthetics, Funkhouser has gained a significant degree of notoriety for his growing oeuvre. Furthermore, it goes without saying that Funkhouser is able to create a truly unique fusion of high and low motifs that play with counter-culture aesthetics from psychedelia to Funk and Junk, all the while, capitalizing on the best of each while bringing into dialogue with virtual spaces, digital aesthetics and the broader category of art that courts immersive experiences.

By combining all of the above Funkhouser’s pieces elicit a rare joy and fascination for everyone who encounters them, and this is no small accomplishment at a time when the new academicism, faux conceptualism and the reification of aesthetic experience have run rampant. Recognized as one of the most significant talents in the state, the influence of Funkhouser’s work continues to advance the dialogue around abstraction, figuration and the function of the geometric motifs with regards to how we experience contemporary life. His work is one to watch as it redefines the very boundaries of the “New Geometricism” in the twenty-first century.

Bio: Daniel Funkhouser is a phoenix-based artist who works in multiple mediums and who has garnered wide spread praise for his numerous public works and eye-popping aesthetic. A genuine polymath, Funkhouser's aesthetic is dynamic, optical and multi-layered. Using both representational elements and abstraction, he combines the motifs of still life, portraiture and the landscape into a hybrid experience that utilizes cutting edge technologies to get us to see the world around us in new and previously unimaginable ways.

Daniel Funkhouser - Squeezing 29 Tubes of Digital Paint